A glimpse of Sanjeeda Shaikh’s FRIGHTENED side is here!

The actress is all set to make a foray into the web series – Gehraiyaan!

We were the first ones to report about the much loved ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ jodi Vatsal Sheth and Sanjeeda Shaikh making a comeback with Vikram Bhatt’s horror web series titled ‘Gehraiyaan’.

And now, the trailer of the web series is finally out! We at are back with an analytical of the same.
What is the story about?

Gehraiyaan traces the journey of Reyna Malik, a 26-year-old doctor who is all set to resume her duties as a surgeon after a short break. However, an enthusiastic Reyna is troubled by unexplainable occurrences which are related to something that happened with her before she went on a break. And the trauma that follows, freaks Reyna out.

Reyna keeps seeing strange figures and people at her house, cupboards unlock themselves and other paranormal activities take place. And all this while, her surgeon boyfriend Shekhar stands strong by her. But Shekhar fails to understand that Reyna’s fears are traumatizing her.

Enters a young and good-looking guy who lives in the apartment below Reyna’s. He comes to know of Reyna’s predicament as he saves her a few times. And in times like these, he becomes Reyna’s saviour.

But is there any ulterior motive behind this guy’s help? What is the incident that has been plaguing Reyna? And most importantly why Reyna?

What we liked?

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