Dr. Madhumati On Duty

SAB Tv King of Indian Comedy Television Show which is famous for his show like “Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma”,”Chidiyaghar”,”Badi Dur se Aaye Hai”etc.

After Kavita Kaushik quit SAB TV’s ‘Dr Bhanumati On Duty’, popular TV actress Debina Binnerjee took over as Madhumati. The storyline and title got revamped and the show was then called ‘Dr Madhumati on Duty’.

Dr. Madhumati On Duty is a romantic hospital comedy, where Dr. Madhumati, a strict no nonsense Bengali doctor who doesn’t believe in love and dislikes Dr. Mohan (Vipul Roy), a doctor who very much believes in love. Fun starts when Dr. Mohan starts trying to win Dr. Madhumati’s heart and when both the doctors solve the cases in their own unique styles.

Dr. Madhumati on Duty is not a new show, but it is the revamped version of previous show ‘Dr. Bhanumati on Duty‘. Earlier the show featured Kavita Kaushik in the lead role. The Serial is based on Hospital Background. The name of Hospital in Dr. Madhumati on Duty is Jug Jug Jiyo.

The entire staff at Jug Jug Jiyo plan to give an ekkis-injection-ki-salaami (on the lines of 21-gun-salute) welcome to the new doctor. So, 21 injections filled with coloured water are arranged in a row during this welcome routine. However, when Madhumati does make an entry in the hospital, TV channels begin flashing news of a terrorist on the loose. The doctor takes charge immediately and briefs the entire staff. So, when Dr Mohan (Vipul Roy) enters the hospital with a brief case, everyone suspects him to be the terrorist on the run.

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