Meera Deosthale on playing mother to an 18-year-old

MUMBAI: Meera Deosthale’s three-year journey with Udaan has finally come to an end. The show is all set to take a time leap, and Meera is not ready to play mother to an 18-year-old girl.

The actress told a leading publication that she wasn’t convinced about the role. She said that she is just 22, so playing a mother to an 18-year-old was not preferable. She agrees that many actresses can pull of such roles at a young age but feels that she doesn’t look mature enough to play a mother at this point.

She further stated that leaps are inevitable for any show that runs for long. In fact, all long-running shows are successful because of leaps. She iss sure that the makers have taken the right decision. As an actor, she cannot comment on whether her playing a mom would work for the show or not. She can only quit and move on.

As far as the challenge of playing a mother goes, Meera points out that she has already played one in Udaan. She said that she was already a mother to an eight-year-old and that she got to play many shades as Chakor, from a young girl to a mother. She enjoyed the journey.

Meera will quit the show in a couple of weeks. Subsequently, she plans to go to her hometown Baroda and look after herself. It has been a lot of hard work, and it is now time to pamper herself.

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