Prapti Chatterjee shares her weight loss story

KOLKATA: Actress Prapti Chatterjee, who is currently away from the television screens, was suffering from a weight gain issue. However, the lady has shooed the excess fat away and is fit now.

In a candid interview with business loan, the TV actress shared her fat to fit story. ‘I had put on weight, and I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I focused on losing weight, and I lost 14 kg in like three months.’

When did you exactly realize that it’s time to lose weight? ‘When I had to wear a tummy tucker under my dress so that my tummy would look flat, that’s when I realized, enough…now I have to lose weight,’ said Prapti.

How much weight did she reduce, you wonder? Well, the actress shared that she was 62 kilograms and now she weighs around 47-49kg. ‘I fit into my old clothes now,’ she said.

Interestingly, to lose her weight, she did not take the help of a gym or heavy exercises. Sharing her weight-reduce-process, the actress said, ‘I relied on a balanced diet, swimming, and cycling. See, my metabolism rate is different. I gain weight very quickly and lose weight very quickly…. It had happened earlier also. I had lost weight drastically.’

‘I don’t exercise at all. I have never been to a gym. I love cycling, and if it were more convenient, I would use it a lot more. And swimming always helps,’ she added.

Known for television series like Rajjotok and Chokher Bali, Prapti was last seen as the female lead in Ei Cheleta Bhelbheleta. So, when is she planning to come back to TV screens? ‘Well, as soon as I get something suitable for me,’ she said.

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