Rupmoti to blackmail Nandini in Colors Bangla’s Resham Jhanpi

An interesting twist will add a lot of drama to the upcoming episodes of Colors Bangla’s Resham Jhanpi!

Loyal viewers of the soap would know that the engagement rituals of Nandini (Sohini Guha Roy) and Surjo (Arko Jyoti Pal Chowdhury) have been celebrated successfully. And now in the upcoming episode something dramatic will happen. Read on to know-

According to our source, in the coming episode, at the end of the celebration, Rupmoti (June Maliah) will take Nandini away with her to her room and dress her up with gold ornaments. She will also inform her about the fact that she was already aware that Agnimitra and Nandini are the same person.

OMG! What will happen now?

Well, Rupmoti will start blackmailing Nandini. She will tell her that if she still plans to marry Surjo, she will disclose the secret to Arshi (Ishaani) that Nandini is not her real mother.

Now what will Nandini do? Time will tell whether she will save her Love or protect her Motherhood.

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