Sitara to unravel mysteries in Colors’ Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara

MUMBAI: Colors’ recently launched supernatural-based show Sitara features Adaa Khan, Shilpa Sakhlani, Sandeep Baswana, Shakti Anand, and many others in pivotal roles.

Here’s an exciting spoiler for our readers.

As per the plot, Rajguru and Kuldeep (Sandeep) find out that the vishkanyas are in the Vishlok but are now free and can attack them at any moment. However, they somehow control the vishkanyas.

Rajguru says that Vrinda’s (Shilpa) daughter has been killed 20 years ago. This makes Vrinda even more angry and she says her daughter can’t die. She decides to take revenge for this.

Meanwhile, Sitara (Adaa) is being questioned by Ranisa. Before she can answer, Kuldeep enters and says she’s his daughter.

Sitara comes to know that Kuldeep worked as a senior senapati for the royal family. She asks him why he kept her away from the palace. Kuldeep starts yelling at her and says that she’s not a kid anymore to keep trailing around anywhere. As they are on their way home, they see Chanda’s mother crying out loud saying that Chanda has been taken away by the vishkanyas and will never return.

Sitara says she had found Chanda’s jhumka and kada. Kuldeep is scared when Chanda’s mother says that the vishkanyas will take Sitara also away.

Kuldeep has been saving Sitara from Vrinda. Kuldeep takes the decision of shifting to the palace outhouse with Sitara and knows that he will have to be more watchful of her now on.

Meanwhile, Sitara knows that there is some connection between Chanda’s situation and this palace. She plans to unravel this mystery.

Will Sitara learn the truth?

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