Sneha Wagh: Maybe Marriage Is Not Meant For Me

While many celebrities will go to any extent to keep problems in their private lives hidden, actor Sneha Wagh is not one to keep up such pretence. Life has been a roller coaster ride for the actor, who has gone through two failed marriages. While her first marriage failed because of domestic violence, her second marriage with Anurag Solanki is also going through a tough phase. The two are staying separately and are yet to file for divorce.

“I would say he was not a wrong guy but he was not a right guy either. Maybe I am also a headstrong girl. My first marriage failed due to domestic violence. After my two failed marriages, one thing I have realised is that men don’t like headstrong women. I have a very soft nature and am also fragile. A little bit of glitch makes a scar in my heart. I strongly feel marriage is not meant for me. I also feel marriage is over hyped now. In our society we have made certain beliefs that men can only take care of the family but that is not true. I am confident and capable of taking care of my family,” says Sneha.

However, going through a tough phase in marriage can never be easy and Sneha says that she could not have done it without her family. “My sister and my parents are my pillars of strength. Without them I would have not survived this bad time. Right now, career is my focus. My full concentration is on my career. I won’t say that love is bitter to me but definitely I am not inclined towards it now. In the future whether it’ll happen or not, I can’t comment,” she says.

Today a lot of celebrity marriages are breaking up. However, Sneha says that marital problems happen everywhere. “There are divorces in common people as well. But since we are constantly under the spotlight, people get to know about us more.”

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