‘THIS’ is what Aisha Ahmed has to say about ‘ADULTING’

Dice Media is soon going to launch the second season of popular show Adulting, which stars Aisha Ahmed as Nikhat and Yashaswini Dayama as Ray.

While the first season narrated how two 24-year-old girls worked and lived in Mumbai and coped with everyday adulting issues in a relatable, humorous way, the second season will see the girls navigating through more ‘adult’ situations such as sexual harassment at the workplace, not wanting to commit to a relationship (and there being nothing wrong with that choice), resolving a fight between parents, dealing with difficult bosses, and generally leveling up in life and breaking out of their comfort zones.

In an exclusive conversation, Aisha Ahmed talks about her experience with the first season of the show and her expectations from the second season!

How has your experience been working on the series?

Absolute joy! The entire crew worked together to create something that we believed in. Hence, the shoot days turned into parties. Everyone’s energies were in sync, which led to a super happy working environment.

The series offers a different kind of take on each situation. How relatable is it for you?

Adulting Season 2 is actually very close to my heart because I can personally relate to both characters – Ray and Nikhat. Every topic has somewhere or the other touched me because either I’m feeling that way or someone I know is in a situation like that. The relatability factor is a 100%!

Initially, what made you take up the series?

When I read the script of Adulting Season 1, it was a breath of fresh air… the fact that the show was based on 20 something year old girls and had strong female friendship as part of the storyline, contrary to popular girl meets boy plots. Yes, so the fact that it didn’t focus on any of that but rather on two young independent women and the bond they share.

What new will your character bring in terms of personality in the second season?

You’ll see that in Season 2 , Nikhat is also a young girl like any of us and does get herself in situations where Ray helps her out. That is unlike season 1, where Nikhat was almost a mother to Ray. Having said that, the maturity and calm personality stay.

How has the audience response been for your character, and what kind of response are you looking at?

It’s been overwhelming! From all the messages I’ve received one thing has been common that Nikhat helps them see messy situations from a far more calm/mature place. It’s almost like she has inspired them to understand that bad situations can only be as bad as you make them

What is the X factor about your character in the second season?

I don’t know if this quality is an X-factor, but just to see a character who is so strong can also feel weak at some point in her life. Just making people realise that even the strongest need help. IT’S OKAY to let go of the pressure of being the strongest and most responsible person and just be a 23-year-old.

How is your bonding with your co-actors?

I’m sure that by now, everyone has seen that Yashaswini and I, even in real life, are friends. But the other co-actors on the show have been such a blessing! I’d like to mention that Svar Kamble, who plays Adil in episode 1, has my heart! I was the happiest with him around. We actually bonded like cousins in a way. Plus, he was the youngest on set, so hanging out with him was also fun!

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