WHAATTT??!? Chanda is PREGNANT with Rishab’s child in ‘Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai’?

When did this happen?

Star Plus’ Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai is all set to move the earth beneath your feet with the latest twist that they will incorporate in the show.
Currently, the show’s track revolves around Rajveer and Rishab trying to prove to Geetanjali that Priyam is not Abhimanyu, and is a fraud.
In the upcoming episodes Priyam informs Geetanjali that Radheshyam (Abhimanyu’s driver) is also alive and Geetanjali believes it. At the same time, Geetanjali spots a man covered in a blanket, leaving the servant Chanda’s room and gets suspicious. She feels that Chanda has been lying to everyone about her husband’s death and starts to quiz her as she feels that finding Radheshyam may lead her to Abhimanyu.
Everyone in the family try to pacify Geetanjali that Radheshyam is dead, but Geetanjali refuses to listen to the others and blindly trusts Priyam. Chanda then suggests to get a ‘shanti pooja’ done in the haveli.
During this pooja, Chanda faints and the doctor announces that Chanda is pregnant. This shocks Geetanjali and she confronts Chanda about the baby’s father but Chanda obviously remains mum.
But certain events lead Geetanjali to believe that her brother Rishab is the father of Chanda’s unborn child.
Will Geetanjali be able to crack this mystery?

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