What can we expect from Kasautii Zindagii Kay post Hina Khan’s exit?

MUMBAI: Kasautii Zindagii Kay has topped the charts on Star Plus once again. It is the number one show, and Hina Khan couldn’t control her happiness as she shared the same on her social media account a few hours ago.

Hina plays the role of Komolika, the vamp on the show, who is soon going to be exposed. She will wrap up her shoot in a span of two days and will soon head to pursue bigger prospects of her career. She will definitely be missed, as her charm and on-screen presence is something once cannot just ignore.

She is a visual delight in the truest sense. Komolika gave immense spotlight to Anurag, Prerna, and especially Mohini Basu, and while each character is strong enugh to maintain its charm, there will be something amiss after the vamp makes an exit.

Let’s see how each character might react or rather behave post Komolika’s exit! Mohini and Komolika, according to us, complete each other. Watching the antagonists create different and difficult situations for the protagonists and how the latter respond is a visual treat in itself.

We look forward to what kind of situations the ‘negative characters’ will create to put the positive characters in a fix. And while Komolika aces that skill, Mohini’s support to her gives a different air, and we will definitely miss that combination.

Mohini will finally come to know that Komolika is the one who is evil and not Prerna. She might patch up with and accept Prerna as a daughter-in-law until the next big twist comes. A similar case is that of Nivedita Basu, who is always in support of her mother and was the first one to oppose the relationship of Prerna, whom she finds middle class, and Anurag.

Talking about Prerna, it has been an amazing experience to watch how she tackles Komolika and gives her a taste of her own medicine. Now that Komolika will be exposed, Prerna will have an opportunity to win back Anurag and reunite with him. Prerna will have bigger problems eventually.

After Komolika, the one character we look forward to is Mr. Bajaj, who will twist the plot once again. Anurag has been affected majorly, as he has lost out on Prerna and his business is at stake. He will get his peace of mind and live a more relaxed life until the entry of Mr Bajaj. How do you think Komolika’s exit will affect the characters of Kasautii Zindagii Kay?

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