Why Rishina Kandari loves Christmas

Actor Rishina Kandhari loves Christmas and the festivity that surrounds it. “Christmas to me is all about Santa, gifts, lights, and cakes. I am always excited about Christmas as I love the environment at Christmas. Everything is so positive, people are partying and the weather is so beautiful,” she says.

Ask her what she wishes for this Christmas, and she says, “I just want lots of positivity and happiness to be continued in my life. That’s all that I am going to ask from Santa this year.”

The actor has a lot of fond memories of Christmas this year. “I remember when I was a kid, I used to be excited for Christmas as we used to have this Christmas party at our school. We used to get lots of gifts, snacks, chocolates and cakes and then they used to play Christmas songs and we used to dance on them,” she says.

The festival is still special for her. “Every Christmas, I get a Christmas tree at my place and my daughter and I decorate the tree together. She loves doing that and if I am not working, I bake a chocolate cake at home which everyone loves,” she says.

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