I do not possess the fear of being typecast or repeating genres: Barkha Bisht

When it comes to acting, an actor’s greatest virtue is getting a chance to experiment with different roles and refine their acting skills with each passing role. With this, popular television actress Barkha Bisht will soon be seen playing a very important character in &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna. Barkha who started her career back in 2004 has never settled in the comfort zone with it comes to acting. Not the one to take up simple and easy roles, the actress has always gone out and proved her skill with some great screen presence. She has taken pride in being versatile as feels proud to have ventured into as many genres as she could. Always bold and confident in her approach, Barkha is always ready to take on a role that challenges her in ways more than one. Having devoured in the historic and mythological genre earlier and with a desire to essay strong independent roles, the actress will now be seen essaying the iconic and heavenly mythological character of Draupadi in &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna.

Traversing the divine journey of this epic character in the Mahabharat, the show is set to captivate viewers with a story that traces the defeat of King Drupad against the powerful warrior Arjuna (Ankit Bathla) to the former seeking help from Lord Krishna (Ankit Bathla) only to receive a blessing in disguise in the form of the enchanting Draupadi. Captivating the viewers with this mystical beauty’s story, Barkha surely couldn’t have been more ecstatic than to step once again in mythology genre with a strong, fiery and bold role. On taking up the character of Draupadi, Barkha shared, “Draupadi is such an iconic character, and her story is a true example of courage and strength to women even today. To present it to the audience in a way that captures their attention is going to be a real challenge but a rather interesting one. I’m always inclined to play characters I can look up to in life, and Draupadi is surely one of them. I took up this character mostly because I could relate to Draupadi and how bold and headstrong she is. As a woman, she represents strength and high morals, something that inspires me from the core and I believe that every woman should be as determined and fiery like her. It was this ability of hers that attracted me into taking up this role. Draupadi as a character has outlived her era and unlike other characters, her story, values, and courage are still relevant in today’s day and age.”

Headstrong and all set to enter the mythological genre yet again, Barkha does not mind repeating genres and neither does she fear to be type-casted or being the victim of stereotyping. Speaking about the same she said, “I love experimenting with my roles and being versatile is what keeps me going. I do not possess the fear of being typecast or repeating genres. I have ventured into a lot of genres and it only makes me a better actor.”

Essaying a significant and divine character, Barkha is all set to relive Draupadi’s stirring story with an extra element of spark and color.

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